Do Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) lack training compared to Doctors of Medicine (MD)?

After completing four years of undergraduate studies, chiropractic students then go on to complete four to five additional years of graduate studies at an accredited Chiropractic College or University. In addition to their academic and clinical studies, chiropractic students undergo several hundred hours of patient care and management in a clinical setting, and then must take rigorous National Board Exams and State Board Examinations to achieve licensure. Once licensed, chiropractors are often required to receive additional education each year, depending on the state in which they practice.

Chiropractic Medicine
540 Anatomy 508
240 Physiology 326
360 Pathology 401
165 Chemistry 325
120 Microbiology 114
630 Diagnosis 324
320 Neurology 112
360 X-Ray 148
60 Psychiatry 144
60 Obstetrics 148
210 Orthopedics 156

3,065 Total Hours 2,706

Other Required Subjects
Spinal Adjustments Pharmacology General Surgery
Manipulations Immunology Advanced Radiology