Performance Chiropractic – Exercises

You rely on your body to get out of bed, to lift your children, to perform your job, and to take you places everyday. If you appreciate what your body does for you, you will provide it with nutritious food, hydrate it with water, and be sure to add some activity into your day.

A strong, healthy core is the foundation of whole body fitness and strengthening this area can also help prevent the muscle imbalances that can lead to back pain down the road. While our limbs provide mobility, reach, and strength, it is our body’s core that provides the basis of each movement.

What is your core, anyway? Your core is created by three muscle regions in your body: abdominal, pelvic, and lower back. Simply, your core is any muscle located between your pelvis and the base of your rib cage. These muscles work together to support your spine. When you strengthen your core, you gain greater balance and stability. All people, from athletes to grandparents, stand to benefit from maintaining a strong core.

At Performance Chiropractic, Dr. Belleau firmly believes in strengthening your core. In our therapy room, we carry a wide range of equipment to accommodate this type of rehabilitation and exercise.

Stability Ball

Medicine Ball

Wobble Board

Cable Machine

Foam Roller

Body Blade

Balance Discs

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